Monday, April 03, 2006

i may or may not be

committed to giving customers “the pickle”

sitting on an enflamed prostate

bereft of any significant thought

hiding two red sox, field box tickets in my satchel

a committed vegetarian

a future graduate of the South Hamilton Institute of Theology

the president of a non-profit corporation

squeezed into a new pair of exciting, and enhancing, jockey briefs

concerned that our i.t. manager just spied this post as well as the espn real time scoreboard up on my screen

planning to ignore my evening responsibilities to watch and worship baseball

what about you? do you have anything to say for yourself?


junkyardlove said...

Oh, i have a lot. but it'd make your hair curl.

g13 said...

try me sucka.

junkyardlove said...

much like that home perm you had back in the day.

g13 said...

hey red,

you best watch your step!

lest i start telling stories about a certain morally pristine bible college queen i once knew...

junkyardlove said...

bring it, frat boy.