Monday, March 13, 2006

this and that

for the past week the sinners and saints community had the privilege of hosting a week of e group from lcc. for an entire week josh jackaway and his friends tyler and knox served with beverly bootstraps, slept on our floors, played halo into the wee hours of the night and connected with members of our community. highlights of their visit included:

* teaching knox how to give and receive a “high five”
* tyler leading our community’s discussion of Luke 16…er, I mean, Luke 17
hearing about the hilarious exploits and overwhelming trials of deion – the boys’ imaginary best friend
* talking at length with josh and tyler about our dreams and intentions of serving God
* watching josh and tyler compete for the coveted title of “world’s most whipped man.”
* i particularly enjoyed whipping all three of their asses at halo on a daily basis

several weeks ago I met ben d10, a good friend of jon wise, who just so happens to lead a home church community in the atlanta area. i am incredibly excited about connecting with ben and his community and am looking forward to partnering with them as together we seek to incarnate the gospel of Jesus Christ and apply His teachings to everyday life. if you’re interested in intriguing theological reflection, constant dialog and/or finite element engineering, be sure to check out ben’s blog.

if you live in the boston area, try to stop by sinners and saints’ fourth annual saint patrick’s day party. our little shindig will be kicking off around 7 p.m. at kellie and i’s place (e-mail me for directions). holli-brooke and I would like to make this our first official home church keg party, but something tells me that our fellow home church leaders will never let that happen. probably for good reason...

that’s all for now. have a week.


monts said...

lcc let you host a week of e group? holy cow, their standards must have really dropped! :)

g13 said...

dude, i know. six years ago they were debating whether i should be allowed on a week of e trip with such luminaries as jeremiah smith and aaron bird, now they're letting impressionable students spend a week with our R-rated church. toadie must not run as tight a ship as curt n. did back in the day!

for the record, their visit did not include drinking, smoking or trips to establishments of ill-repute. as much as knox begged us concerning the former, we carefully maintained our righteous standards.

Jackaway said...

i am willing to kick you halo playing ass whenever you provide the plane ticket, ill provide that ass whoopin!

Kellie said...

At first I was offended by the R-rated label you applied to our church. But then I realized it would just be for language and the Bible (i.e. Judges, Hosea, & other prophets) would be rated NC-17 or XXX for nudity, extreme violence, and sex.

But then, I know that you are being facetious, so that makes me feel better. You're not like Chuck Smith who is purposely offensive and derogatory.

g13 said...

please jackaway. i could whip your ass without ever pulling the trigger. remember all those beat downs?

kellie - you're quite right. my intentions are nothing like chuck smith's. if i shared his lens on the world, i'd have to pluck my eyes out.

kidpositive said...

chuck smith RULES!

Leanne said...

You told me there would be a keg. Talk about midleading.

g13 said...

leanne, unfortunately others in our community were a little less than enthused about the keg.

i suppose that my failure to deliver means that i can no longer be considered a promise keeper. so be it.

james said...

Hey now . . . don't leave me holding the shit stick. :)

Let the record show that this leader was all about it 2 years ago when we first proposed the idea. For whatever reason it was vetoed then.

This guy could be all about the keg, though me thinks we should at least revist the reasons we decided against before deciding for it. Besides a keg of Harp will make for some great black & tans. :)

Leanne said...

So you're saying it's Kellie's fault, then?

g13 said...

nope. i'm blamin' the devil.