Thursday, December 29, 2005


if you're anything like me, and i think you are, you slog through most of your mornings. you wake up a few minutes later than you wanted to, mutter a greeting to God and whine about the shower running colder than expected. you sort recycling, pay bills and struggle over whether to do the dishes or "let them soak." then you grab a mug of coffee, slather butter on toast and get in the car only to drive to work in a catatonic daze.

but every once in a while, the morning is enchanted. you are overwhelmed with gratitude for the person you love, the God you serve and even the warm kona coffee sitting in your hand. for a few moments, which you suspect are fleeting, the edges on the world are smooth and the pieces fit together. in that moment, that kairos time, your eyes brim with tears and you passionately thank God for everything up to and including the air you breathe.


g13 said...

then you realize that the whole of your euphoria was produced by the electric seat warmers on craig's audi A4. you curse bitterly and continue on your onerous way.

junkyardlove said...

mmmm. Yes.

also, all that sorting trash, bills, and dishes bit: you sure do a lot in the mornings, man. you need to give we simkins a pep talk or something.