Tuesday, December 06, 2005

description of the day

Hermie and Friends Series #6: Stanley the Stinkbug, on DVD
by Max Lucado

Your Lightway Price: $9.99!

Stanley the Stinkbug has only one problem: body odor!
When God explains to the Garden Gang that Stanley
only smells because he is afraid other insects won’t like
him, the Gang learns to love him just the way he is. Your
3 to 8 year olds will love learning how to accept others
and you will enjoy the witty characters that are brought
to life by Tim Conway, Don Knotts and special guest star
Judge Reinhold.


Lowery said...

You had me at Judge Reinhold.

cade said...

i love your job. even if you don't sometimes.

kidpositive said...

judge reinhold!!! oh boy, he's my favorite!