Saturday, November 12, 2005

flight 683

patchwork quilt
roads radiate
towns separate
slowly reconcile

whining engine
mouth cotton
vivid dreams
future forgotten

returning home
an illusion
beverly or tulsa
willful collusion

won't be long
don't get comfortable
the coup's a comin'

You're responsible.


Agent B said...

So you're in Tulsa? Look up my good friend Jim Kirkland - he manages a Borders Books.

or come down to the mother city if you got...6 hours of driving to get out of your system.

g13 said...


i am indeed. but only for the next 48 hours, so a visit to borders is highly unlikely. out of curiosity, which store?

also, i'm going to be up here tomorrow and sunday. i can't get out, but would welcome a visit from you.

Agent B said...

Sorry - I have no idea which store.

Love to visit Tulsa again. Kind of impossible due to my current pending situation in life. So thanks anyway.

Say hi to Roy Clark for me. Me & Jim (back in the day) once tried to deliver a couch to his mansion as a joke. We rang the fancy intercom and said, "delivery for R. Clark".

What the hell were we thinking...

AlexPope said...

dude, great poem. one of my favorites i think...

also, don't forget to check out my latest post, fletch was talking smack about you....;)

have a good time kid.

g13 said...

thanks Al. i have looked and laughed at your last post several times. i would bite back at fletch, but i'm a bigger man than that (translation: there is no true rebuttal to his assertions).

give the diz a good old spin for me today.

AlexPope said...

will do kid, looking forward to having you home.