Tuesday, August 24, 2004

sinners and saints gathered to worship last night

our worship gathering took place on the corner of rantoul and federal street. no songs were sung, no overwrought teachings endured and no offering collected. our theme for the evening was returning and the tone of the evening was celebration.

as soon as the u-haul creeped onto rantoul street our gathering began. for the next four hours there were many hugs, excited chatter and not a little laughter. the gathering was characterized by a good deal of work, as we carried hundreds of boxes, odd pieces of furniture and even mr. potato head into the primary colored apartment. however, grounded in the context of celebration, the work was a delight. through the front door, teams of two carried a sleigh bed as well as an animated conversation. through the back door stretched an assembly line of sinners who were eager to pass dishes, share michael jackson jokes and proclaim the good news to one another.

and the people...what a collection of sinners. there was a former hippie, a frat boy impersonating a pastor and two flaming gay pagans among our number. yet our sweaty, practical expressions of love, the dreams shared in the intimate company of good ole sam smith and the easy transition from unrestrained conviviality to fervent prayer suggested that the Spirit is once shaping nothing into something. He seems to be fashioning a community of sinners into saints.

i have stumbled into Your presence many times, but there was something special, dare i say sacred, about last night. though our values are undefined, our network is tattered and the consequences of discipleship are leaving many of us torn, You are working among us. You, O Lord, are indeed in the process of making all things, even this community of sinners, new. gracias.


jamie said...

Beautiful. I want to be a part of something like that so badly, it hurts.

g13 said...

maybe you and brian should consider visiting. we would love to have you among us. we also work with an excellent social service organization known as beverly bootstraps and there are 2 home depots within 7 miles of our neighborhood.