Thursday, June 17, 2010


if you've heard me talk about it once, you've heard me talk about it ten times (if you're lucky).

i have two degrees that don't pay

i am a part of a church tradition that doesn't seem to want much to do with me

"i can't wait until i work for a real company." "this can't be the way a real non-profit gets it done." "someday i'll be the resident theologian or preacher in a local church."

so i surrender to myopia and refuse to see that i am:

surrounded by the kind of community that is the figment of many dreams (and the subject of not a few sermons)

work beside people whose confidence in my abilities is slowly strengthening my sense of self

called by a God who is teaching me to hope, pray and occasionally participate in the redemption of all things

i'll probably never be a half-full kind of guy, but i need to start recognizing these blessings so that i can be a more whole and holy blessing to the world.


Callid said...

I don't know if I manage to help you have a stronger sense of self usually, but in this moment I hope to:

I see you as a faithful father and husband attempting to be fully present to his family and community, knowing that sometimes we learn best when we scrape our knees ourselves a few times. That goes for us as individuals and for our communities too.

g13 said...

thanks for your kind words callid. the friendship we have developed with you and kristina means the world to me.

most of the time we were connecting on sunday my eyes were filled with tears. not sure what that means, but it felt dangerously close to prayer. would like to spend some time listening together in july.