Wednesday, April 14, 2010

memorandum from captain random

two weeks ago kellie and i welcomed lydian nicole gentry into the world. i need to grow a few more emotions.

a national award-winning television program that is produced by people with disabilities was cursed by a fox news cameraman today at the tea party in boston. another charming gentleman interrupted their interviews with chants of "baby killer. baby killer. baby killer." i am so glad i was not there.

last week pete rollins and his crew were in town to start an insurrection and john franke bore manifold witness about the plurality of truth at the gathering and gcts. i enjoyed the insurrection - especially the hour i begged off to hang with brandon bayne - and i continue to be impressed with franke's proclamation about the plurality of truth that is evident in Christian scripture, located Christian communities and the Godhead itself. maybe it's just me, but franke's thesis just seems like sanctified common sense - that i wish i would have recognized and published myself.

i think brad penny is pitching more effectively because he is living in closer proximity to the ozarks.

kellie and i are headed out to oklahoma and texas may 13 through 21. if you live in close proximity, maybe we can connect (if you're buying).

preston is either memorizing new books within a week or he's reading them. either reality is welcome.

i'm going to see hacksaw jim duggan on april 29th. gotta be psyched about that.

in regards to lydian, kellie is doing almost all the hard work, but i'm still exhausted. don't know quite what to make of that.

less substantial posts to follow.


Agent B said...

I'm buying.

g13 said...

book it.

Smee said...

Great post.

I especially enjoyed all of your shorter musings! :-)

Jeremiah said...

Was I supposed to give you a ride to the airport?... =(