Tuesday, June 16, 2009

channeling perkins

a couple of months ago a local group of well intentioned, church planting obsessed anglicans asked our andrew the protester how they could balance their passion for evangelism with the biblical demands for social justice.

andrew's response: "if you plant your churches in areas of great need the balance will take care of itself."

i think there is a world of wisdom in the protester's response. in fact, it sounds downright perkinsonian.


Beth said...

Yeah, but you watch and see if it happens.

g13 said...

oh, i definitely have my doubts there. i commend the advice and remain agnostic about the execution.

Landis said...

I wonder if RHM would consider his advice?

g13 said...

actually as i twisted and turned towards crossway a couple of weeks ago i obeyed a stop sign that had "snitching" scrawled on it.

at that point i knew i was lost.