Wednesday, August 27, 2008

blow win blow, burn fire burn

lately i have been getting up early to pray the daily office. when i get the chance, i have also been listening to funeral by arcade fire whenever i wash the dishes or do my chores.

clearly, neither of these practices are remarkable.

what is weird is that almost every morning over the past two weeks, i have woken up two or three minutes before my alarm blares with the following fire lyric pulsing through my head: sleeping in is giving in. no matter what the time is.

have you ever had a lyric infect your mind in this way? if so, please share what, how and when. if you'd simply like to affirm my sanity, i would appreciate that as well.


Rick said...

of course I have, much of the time. And funny as it is, the past year or so, much of it has come from Arcade Fire.

specific lines from Windowsill, Intervention and AntiChrist television Blues resonate in my head and convict me (I can tell you which ones), along with lyrics of Ben folds from All You Can Eat, You've Got to Learn to Live With Who You Are and Always Someone Cooler than You.

Of course I live my life through song. I wish Scripture infected my brain in the same way.

so, maybe you are crazy. I love the company.

g13 said...

thanks for the conversation.

i can think of a line or two from antichrist television blues (aka joe simpson) that i hope are not coursing through your brain on a daily basis.

also, i love that you mentioned all you can eat. over the past two years "gonna get on the microphone down at wal-mart. say some shit that's been on my mind." has been a pretty apt description of my homiletic.

i've always had song lyrics stuck in my head. but the timing and frequency of "sleeping in is giving in" is still a little unneverving.

kristi said...

i have had the words "wet dream" in my head for 3 days--a phrase from the ra ra riot song "ghost under rocks." the song is amazing, but those words are what get jammed in my head!

thanks for sharing that prayer link; that looks like something i really want to check out & who knows--maybe even do! Lord knows i need some kind of rekindling around here...

Mark Dirksen said...

Favorite term for this phenomenon: "earworm". AF rocks!

Smee said...

You're sane Jeff, not to worry...



evan said...

I woke up this morning with the chorus of "Leggy Blonde" from the Flight of the Conchords running through my head. Is that normal?