Sunday, June 29, 2008

overheard: slowfo shares this man's insecurities

pipe down, beantown
by: mark bechtel

SARTRE WROTE that "hell is other people," but if he had spent less time eating croissants in Paris cafes and more time downing wings in sports bars, he probably would have written that "hell is other fans." All fans are insufferable to those who don't have an affinity for the same team; being forced to listen to, say, a Kansas City Royals buff regale you with the exploits of rookie shortstop Mike Aviles is no better than listening to a grandmother go on and on about her little darling's toilet training.

That said, there's one group of "other fans" that stands out in its tediousness. Think Matt and Ben. Think Sweet Caroline. Think Sartre pronounced without the r's.

Yes, we're talking about Boston fans.

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Al said...

Yes I have to agree, Boston fans of any Boston team, with the possible exception of the Bruins cause no one in Boston gives a poo about them, are obnoxious.

They make idols out of their sport teams.

god is great.

cade said...

lay off the royals fans. there are only 8 of us in the entire world and none of us are "insufferable."

Pixie said...

I know at least one person is raising a future fan. Last year I saw a 5-year-old decked out in a wife-beater, heavy gold chain,and royals hat in the smoking corner outside North Station.

cade said...

pix- the hat was black wasn't it? black and silver, maybe?

Pixie said...

no, it was a blue hat with red lettering KC

Anonymous said...


Not trying to pull the soothsayer card, but somewhere in your archives, in a response to the Ortiz jersey curse, i say something along these lines: "God help us if the Celtics pull something out of their collective asses."

And despite enjoying a Shaq-less Kobe lose (AGAIN), i knew this would bring out more annoying fans, not to mention boost the obligatory Boston-sports-teams-ass-kissing that ESPN does so well. If I see that "3 Amigos" spoof one more time...

And BTW, if this were the 2000, I'd be in Lincoln, writing a similar post about Cardinal fans. Nothing personal, g13, but you're the only one I can stomach. There were some serious Bagga-doucha's in my evening classes.

Kevin Smith Clark