Monday, April 07, 2008

the worst franchise idea ever: monster mini golf

you've played miniature golf before...

but have you done so in the dark?

surrounded by monsters?

now you can at monster mini golf in creepy danvers massachusetts!


g13 said...

innovative entrepreneurs can purchase their own franchise for as little as $288,000.00.

if you know or think you can find a more ridiculous franchise opportunity consider the gauntlet thrown!


Before Girl said...

this is freakin' awesome-what are you talking about? who plays mini-golf anymore, so what an innovative and cheesy idea. it's great.

g13 said...

BG - there's a reason nobody plays mini-golf anymore:)

monster mini-golf may indeed by the "millenium falcon of mini-golf" as the website boldly proclaims, but, from where i stand anyway, that is an honor of dubious distinction.

the only place i can see this type of business succeeding is in salem, where, from what i've heard, the new lizzie borden museum is all the rage.

Clovis said...

There's a typo in your headline. "worst franchise idea ever" should be "most amazingly cool idea to ever have existed."

g13 said...

obviously there are two distinct perspectives on this matter: the right perspective and the wrong perspective. i'm glad that i have embraced the former and eschewed the latter.

Before Girl said...

And what would that reason be? Because it's cheesy? Because it reminds you of better days as a kid when everything seemed right with the world and, god forbid, you actually had fun?!

Well all the better-it means you won't be in line in front of me.