Tuesday, April 29, 2008

mid-morning time waster

if you're having a rough day at work or just hate your job in general, stop by mcsweeney's and leaf through their interviews with people who have interesting or unusual jobs feature.

for my part, i found the interviews that discussed the secrets joys of whippets in the pump room, country crock receptacles and the ethical distinctions between band-aids and pasties quite entertaining.

if you're completely satisfied with your chosen profession and ethically abstain from surfing the net at work there is no reason for you to explore this quirky column. i hope that the rest of you read a few and share your reflections below.


Smee said...

Hi Jeff,

You're home today, too, huh? I am home unintentionally - due to a Ride scheduling snafu... *Sigh!*

g13 said...

yeah beck, i'm at home with a projectile vomiting preston. good times. i'll be lucky if i get to catch a half day at work tomorrow.

on another note: i'd like to run an informal survey on the readers of this blog. if you're interested, please answer below.

1) have you ever done a whippet?

2) if so, have you ever hit the whippet at work?

for the record, my answer is 1) hells yes and 2) no. though there were plentiful opportunities to partake in such at the crack house in lincoln. by such restraint i proved, yet again, that i am a saint:)

Smee said...

Poor Preston... I had a feeling that this might happen, based on what you were saying yesterday. Feel better, big guy! :)

And don't you get sick, Jeff - you have a big event to attend this weekend!

As for your survey, I'll answer:

- I don't know what a "whippet" is, so, I'd say that my answers are "no" and "no".

g13 said...

no worries becky. i'd have to be projectile vomiting all over the unity candle to miss that event.

on another, slightly more disturbing note, while playing with preston i've been watching mr. rodgers on our muted television. the show might make for great television, but now that i am a parent i am seeing it with a whole 'nother set of eyes. to wit: there is no way that i would let my child regularly visit a single, male neighbor who regularly changes his clothes in front of children, often plays with puppets and goes on and on about showing the children his plants.

as much as it pains me to say it, if mr. rodgers lived in my neighborhood my pedophile alarm would be ringing.