Friday, March 07, 2008

read and recommended

stuff white people like is the kind of stuff that gentry likes. holy crap this site is funny. if only i had thought of it first.

much like my white* friends, I have a particular penchant for coffee, public radio, wes anderson movies and arrested development. what kind of stuff do you love whitey?

* assuming i am white. on account of my adoption, i like to think of myself as an ethnic free-agent. however, most of my friends and family think of me otherwise.


g13 said...

tip of the cap to mcmanus for the link.

Jamie said...

Oh my. That website is wondrous.

This whitey likes from the list:

David Sedaris
Indie Music
Arts Degrees
Living By The Water

Also, I'm laughing at "Asian girls" and "Apologies."

g13 said...

i liked the yellow fever post as well and found the having black friends post quite funny.

holy crap. i just went to the site and found that they are highlighting one of this cracker's greatest loves: . i feel so exposed and vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

This Honkey enjoys:

Ingmar Bergman Films
The Coen Brothers
Most existential/nihilistic media

According to Fox, nobody liked Arrested Development...thus the sh*t-canning.

But how can you not like this exchange:

Lindsay: Michael, you were the last one to see Tobias. What were his last words?
Tobias (flashback): I guess I "blue" myself.
Michael: He said some nice things.

Kevin Smith Clark

Tyler said...

Yeah, once you've seen GOB's chicken dance/taunt...