Monday, March 17, 2008

i'm an idiot. please save me from myself.

as i've mentioned once or twice before in this space, reciprocity is a sonuvabitch. last week i admonished the pix for letting preston play with her cell phone since, as i wisely noted at the time, "he will definitely break it and we don't have the money to replace it."

based on your knowledge of the gentry law of marital reciprocity you can no doubt guess what happened next .

as a result i am currently looking for a used sprint phone that i can transfer my data onto and use for personal and business use. if you have an old sprint phone lying around or have a friend who might an extra burner, please take advantage of this opportunity to save me from myself. i'd also be willing to purchase a used sprint phone if it is in good condition, includes a charger and costs less than $20.

now if you'll excuse me, i have things to do, people to meet and words to eat. f*&^!!!


g13 said...

if you're willing and able to be my cellphone messiah please contact me directly at

Anonymous said...

As one of the last people on earth with no cell phone...alas, I can't help you.

But, I will quote my friend Jerry (especially applicable to those with little ones):

"Property is a nuisance."

I feel your pain, brother (times 2).

Kevin Smith Clark

g13 said...

who's the cell phone messiah?

survey says: my mother, who somehow put a used sprint cell phone in my hands within 72 hours of this post.

thanks mom!