Monday, February 11, 2008

judge not, lest ye...

she crushed the pop-top of a chevy conversion van in 1986

he never let her forget about it.

she continued to tangle with immobile objects in the years since.

he scoffed and suggested an assault on a moving target.

he tried to cram an 8"8 wheelchair van under a 7"6 clearance sign.

she has yet to hear the story.

he has finally realized that reciprocity is a son-of-a-bitch.


kristi said...

i think this post is over my head.

Anonymous said...

that's because Jeff's trying not to implicate himself.

Try substituting "Jeff's mom" for "she" & "Jeff" for "he"


g13 said...

i thought that clearance sign was over my head.

nevertheless, i categorically deny any involvement in the activities described therein. the pix might be confused.

Brian said...

Don't beat yourself up bro . . . I stuffed a construction van under the drive through canopy of Bob's Roast Beef in Lincoln. (and by "stuffed under" I really mean "tore completely apart"). It was a fairly stellar moment.