Tuesday, January 29, 2008

stuff that has been making me laugh

for one, the picture above. if the caption beneath read "sounding forth from the center of the real economy," i'd laugh even harder.

i've also been laughing at reggie white's exposition of the crucifixion as recorded by the
saint pete times. money quote below:

"Reggie White turned interviews into sermons, questions into homilies and the Super Bowl into a pulpit. He was a good man with a good heart. That said, it was suggested that, sometimes, Reggie's Bible had chapters the rest of us didn't have. White would give you an impassioned speech about how it was God, not money, who led him to Green Bay. The defensive end once said that he came back for one last season because of divine intervention. He said he was healed by faith, not by the trainer.


it's hard to forget media day, when White suggested that Jesus Christ was crucified 'because he was affecting the economy." Huh? "He was healing the sick, and the doctors got mad,' White said. 'He was raising the dead, and all the funeral home directors got mad.'"

finally, i've been laughing for three weeks at the following joke: "what's the hardest thing about rollerblading?"


g13 said...

answer: "telling your parents you're gay."

if you'd like to share something that's been making you laugh or suggest another caption for the romney pic, please do so below.

Rick said...

that joke is not funny- at all

now excuse my not gay, happy husband of 1 wife, father of 3, too much testosterone for my own damn good self as I inline skate.


bfine107 said...

yikes, sorry about the last guys comment.

g13 said...

it's okay. he's an old friend who thought i was picking on him.

truth be known, i just heard the joke on npr's day to day and thought it was funny.