Monday, January 14, 2008

mid-morning time waster: theological threads

today, due to 6 - 12 inches of snow in the hub, i am off of work. so i'm spending the day with little p, continuing to prep for my hebrew course and thinking up ideas for inappropriate christian t-shirts.

the shirt that's pictured above is currently available from lark news for $17.99. i'd love to pick it up for the pix, but, seeing as i'm broke, in lieu of such purchases i am going to produce my own christian t's instead. so, here are a few slogans i'm currently considering. i am entrusting cade with the task of visual design, but where i have ideas, i've offered them.

1. "seduced by sunday school"*
2. "if you're looking to homer, i'm your gomer"
3. "MK and Awkward"
4. i'm the s _ _ _ solomon warned you about**
5. this shirt wouldn't have a slogan, but would feature an open Bible on the front and a smoking bowl*** on the back****

as always, your submissions are welcome.

* this text would be super imposed on one of those trashy lady silhouettes that adorn truck stops and are featured on these threads.
*** of course, the bowl i'm talking about here would come from a "tobacco pipe."
****i think the .09% of the population who would understand this shirt would absolutely love it.


kristi.bennett said...

i'm voting for #4. i could definitely see this on a onesie.

g13 said...

on a onesie huh? that's an interesting take.

i actually envisioned it as a maternity shirt that youth ministers could use to further alienate pregnant teens. maybe wait wear will take this concept and run with it. wait wear has rejected my submissions in the past, but i'm sure this concept will sell!

Anonymous said...

no, it is going on those velour sweat pants, right across the bum in glitter