Monday, November 19, 2007


something is horribly wrong with the gentry fridge! carefully assess the evidence in order to determine a) what is horribly wrong with the fridge and b) who defaced our beloved fridge in this way.

i'm not offering you any clues on the first question. but as to the second, i have two culprits in mind: one who has daily access to such offensive material and another whose sense of humor often delights in such vulgar displays.

for the love of god* please help us solve this crime!

* whom, i've heard, "ain't poor no more."


AlexPope said...

im not calling anyone out...but it looks like a james gag...

cade said...


let's assess the clues:

-window of opportunity. when did you notice it?

-motive. who would stand to gain from such a defacement?

you got yourself a real head-scratcher there.

james said...

i only wish it were me, but i haven't been to that house since last Thursday. And even then, i was there for less than 15 minutes.

g13 said...

i'm with you alex.

as for opportunity, james has access to these kind of materials on a daily basis. however, cade was in our kitchen just last night and i have reason to suspect he was alone.

as for motive, james and i spent, uh, three and a half years griping and joking about schlock that like spewed forth by the portrait in question on a daily basis. yet, while cade and i have not skewered osteen over the years he does have a quirky sense of humor.

the wild card in the race is miss ahbahsean. she might have posted the pic thinking that i would blame either james or cade for it.

my verdict? the vote was close, but i'm going to have to convict james of this particular crime but i have little doubt that there were accessories involved.

Agent B said...

Ok, I confess...

I posted that Family Circle comic on your fridge.

mike said...

dude you know you worship at the alter of health and money. you look at that photo everyday and think,

"some day i will be as famous a sell out as this deuche."

so you put it up on your own fridge mr green.

g13 said...

agent b, thou dost neglect the truth!

i know who put that cartoon on the fridge many years ago. i never knew a family circle piece could grow so dear.

and fletchie, i hope not, man. i hope not.