Monday, August 06, 2007


last night i and a couple of my closest had an opportunity to catch bill mallonee at club passim in harvard square. by all accounts it was a remarkable evening filled with unexpectedly delicious vegan pizza, an extended set of heartbreakers by bill and a chance to catch up with bill and his lovely wife muriah rose.
there are so many things i could say about bill and his music, but since i've got an appointment in five i'll settle for this one. after spending years engaged in an important conversation about deconstructing and reconstructing church bill's music and life constantly remind me of the need to keep deconstructing myself. for it is only when i shine the lights through the cracks and coax my inadequacies into consciousness that i am prepared to receive the heart-wrenching, wholly undeserved, reconstructive grace of Christ. in sum, bill constantly reminds me that mortifying truth is always preferable to half-concealed hypocrisy.

i love the way that man lives the gospel and am certainly better for his (however limited) companionship on this journey.

now, back to building all things up.

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james said...

Added a bit on the show myself. Actually it was more from Saturday's performance, but the sentiments are there.

Dug the new tunes. Especially November Ghost and Arms Wide Open with Orphan Eyes

We should really see if we can get this guy to Salem in October.