Wednesday, July 25, 2007


right now i am standing on the edge of exhaustion. i'm working too many hours, haven't taken a day of vacation since preston was born and am (clearly) on the verge of singing poor, poor pitiful me.

yet, in the midst of all this, i am not without hope. last week rectangle decided to expand my responsibilities,* which will enable me to curb my night job and significantly reduce my work hours. further, i have a remarkable wife who in the midst of her own exhaustion continues to carve out space so that i can enjoy some amount of respite and solitude.** finally, i have fantastic friends who have buoyed my spirits during this time by sending unexpected gifts of encouragement, freeing pix and i up to spend a few seconds alone, moving back to bev town after long absences and simply chatting on gchat while i grind the nights away.

in my better moments i suspect that my current circumstance is a sort of elementary education in the discipline of perseverance. moreover, since i believe that perseverance is a key to the holy and hidden heart of both salvation and healthy relations, most days i'm more than willing to attend class.

so that's where i'm at right now. many thanks to those who continue to sustain me and to the Spirit who speaks in the midst of chaos.

* they finally asked me to teach the afternoon break dance class now. how cool is that?
** without which i would not have finished harry potter and the deathly hallows within 72 hours or invest in the gathering/s & s community in any significant way.


james said...

Amen and Amen my man. Am stoked for this work opportunity for you.

Agent B said...

I think I too am in a schooling on discipline of perseverance.

But it's gone on for so long, that most days I forget just what the hell I'm persevering.

Help me god.

g13 said...

thanks J and keep on it B, for this is the way of salvation.

Agent B said...

Not to drag out this conversation, but for my infantile mind, explain "for this is the way of salvation".

And thanks for the encouragement.

g13 said...

in one of the gospels somewhere Jesus said that he who perseveres unto the end will be saved. i'm sure we could break that phrase down and analyze it to pieces, but i think it is safe to suggest that Jesus believed that the people who continue to express God's righteousness by following Jesus' teaching and investing in a similar life of sacrificial incarnation will ultimately receive salvation by God's grace.

how's that for a run on sentence?! i am going to shut up now.

Agent B said...