Monday, June 11, 2007


my little man turned 2 months old yesterday. in the past two months there have been many moments when the demands of fatherhood have left me bitching like dante hicks,* but there have also been moments when i've understood that fatherhood is a unique invitation to sacrificial service and opportunity to enter into deeper communion with Christ and His creation.

the longer i live the more i suspect that almost every moment is a key moment insofar as it is an opportunity to serve, connect and create. as both preston and i grow older i hope to improve my response rate.

* i.e., when kellie asked me to change a diaper on sunday, which is currently my only day off, i almost felt like saying "i'm not evening supposed to be here today!" moreover, in the midst of almost every day since his birth i've whined to myself, and far too often to others, "but i'm f*cking tired!".

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james said...

A good and honest post my friend. Thanks for sharing it.