Friday, April 20, 2007


a little over a month ago sean poirier, a well-known salem witch, died unexpectedly. in the days that followed, pastor phil wyman had the privilege of accompanying sean's friends and family through this difficult time. in beyond the pall pastor phil reflects on the importance of honoring and celebrating the life of those who may not share our theology or walk the same paths, yet are inescapably bound to us by their own beauty, truth and irreducible humanity. i suspect that sean and phil were brothers and know for certain that both their lives and the city of salem is the better for it.


monts said...

thank you for linking to this!

Leanne said...

Thanks Jeff. Perhaps my favorite part of the entire article was this comment:

I am the Witch with the
patchwork cape.
Salem's Witch and
Christian communities
were once toxic.
Pastor Phil has helped
to heal Christianity in
Salem. I hope that the
Witches in our city can
follow his profound
example. Pastor Phil
taught me that
community is found
when you reach
beyond your comfort
zone. For that I am

Pastor Phil said...

Thanks for the cool link, and comments here. One note: Shawn was not a Wiccan, and made a fairly strong point of making that known. He was simply a Witch.

g13 said...

duly noted and edited.

on a related note, if i was to start exploring the diversity of neo-paganism thought and practice where would i start?