Friday, March 02, 2007

a personal preview of hell

late last night, after an exhausting day at work and a meeting of the church, i retreated to our dirty denny's for a couple of cups of bad coffee, a pre-fabricated dessert and intimate conversation with an unexpected visitor.

and then, about five minutes in to our conversation 70 teenagers, including a number of overweight boys who were wearing pajama bottoms and sporting dramatic, depp-esque eyeliner as well as t-shirts emblazoned with the image posted above, bombarded the dining room.

at this, our server was scared shitless, we were never served another cup of coffee and we had to talk about important matters over screamed high school cheers and call and response snippets from high school musical.

f*cking shoot me. i think i would rather go to band camp.


Before Girl said...

After-party. Gotta love 'em.

I did those. Trust me, they are more fun for those in them than those observing.

Mike said...

pat yourself on the back that you didn't go postal on those kids.

cade said...

i miss those days.

though we always celebrated completing the classics like "guys and dolls" or "the music man."

that a stage version actually EXISTS of "high school musical" is proof enough of hell's reality.

james said...

i was there, and can attest to the fact that it was freaking insane.

Jeff you might have rather gone to band camp, but would you rather have gone to this camp than sit through all that?