Thursday, March 22, 2007

gentry's judgment: tony la russa

for those of you who haven't heard, tony la russa was picked up last night for a dui. tony had a .093 bac, which basically means he had three glasses of wine instead of two. furthermore in 2006, after eleven years of dedicated service to the cardinals organization, tony led the redbirds to their 10th world series championship. on account of the world series championship, tony's immediate confession and heartfelt apology and tony's deep commitment to the arf foundation, gentry gives tony: a free pass.

tony la russa you are forgiven!. but take heed, my grace is not a license to sin but an opportunity to pursue #11.


monts said...

funny thing about having 3 glasses of wine---lamullet was found passed out behind the wheel...

lamullet is a disappointment to cardinal nation, not because he got a dui (a badge of honor for cardinal nation) but because he's a lightweight. after 3 glasses of wine and you pass out? really?

lamullet is a disgrace to beer nation (read: cardinal nation).

mike said...

yeah the BAC thing is crap. it doesn't measure the individuals ability to drive or form words or drive heavy equipment. it measures the alcohol content of the blood.

now, don't get me wrong, i don't condone drunken driving.

drunken blogging yes.

but the thing is, i am pretty confident that if we put me (irish on moms side, ulster irish on dads, whiskey drinker for many many years, fat (urr, stocky) daily drinker, etc in a car with a BAC over .08 and the skinny pansy they use for the standard in a car and tested our abilities to maneuver a car (i have been driving cars since 13/ big trucks and tractors since diapers) i am pretty sure that i would be ok.

but alas, in our modernist-measure everything - society .08 is the legal limit.

all that to say that the BAC of .08 is BS. i have a friend who can't drive at .00 let alone after one beer in two hours.

of course la russa could do the hip thing and apologise to the group (s?) he has offended, go into rehab, then come out and write a book.

that is how they do it these days.

g13 said...

monts, la russa is not a disgrace in any way. he has been set free from his sin so that he can continue to serve cardinal nation.

mike, i would never doubt your abilities to drive under the influence, but still prefer drunken blogging to drunken driving.

for the record, i just edited my own comment. damn conscience.

ali said...

Jeff, dude, I know that you know that one extra glass of wine could mean the difference between life and death. And, quite honestly, I don't care about the lives of idiots that drink too much, smash their cars into trees and kill themselves. I'm more worried about the videos they showed us in driving school. You know, the ones with the crushed bloody carseats? I, for one, would not trust myself to operate a vehicle after 3 glasses of wine.

g13 said...

yeah, those videos were pretty sick. they weren't as entertaining as the "look both ways at the train tracks" video that they showed us, but the drunk driving flicks held our attention just fine.

for the record: i'm not promoting drunken driving, just giving la russa a free pass. it appears that he is a happy drunk and he didn't hurt anyone. besides, if he had wounded or maimed, maybe he could have notched a couple of cubs fans. youneverknow.

b-matt said...

I, too, have given him a free pass. So let it be written. So let it be done.

And, I believe I understand Gentry on this, what we mean by free pass is not "driving while intoxicated is okay", but that "LaRussa does not need to resign, go to rehab, or sacrifice his eldest".

I blogged about this today, too. I found the inconsistencies in the reports to be interesting myself.
Go have a look

And when the Cub fans find a manager who can win the big one ... then they can start bashing LaRussa. Period.

g13 said...

hear, hear bmatt! interesting analysis of the police reports. i must say that i didn't read them.

if i was to bash la russa for anything it would be for allegedly ignoring the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs on the 88-91 A's and mid-90s cardinals. i find it extremely hard to believe that someone as sharp as tlr was unaware of what was taking place in his own clubhouse. rather, i suspect that the reason he overlooked the drug usage, and still defends mcgwire - which i find detestable, is that the use of such substances dovetailed seamlessly with tlr's unbridled competitiveness.

but he won the 2006 world series for us, so i'm giving him a free pass on the steroids issue as well. in the end, it's not like his oversight did anywhere near the violence to his team that dusty baker's over-use of mark prior did to the cubs.

viva el birdos!