Tuesday, February 06, 2007

tuesday evening time waster

at this point in g13's arrested development he:

a) often mistook himself for an african-american

b) was still waiting for his balls to drop him from alto to tenor
c) was heavily medicated
d) frequently wondered why he wasn't getting any action
e) could still beat the hell out of his younger brother
f) all of the above


Mike said...

one would think given my recent personal best of offense giving today - and yes i am a zen master now - better judgement would keep me from making the following somewhat obscure movie ref.

but i am not one who thinks...

just to be safe you said, "a) often mistook himself for an african-american"

to which i will then say, quoting steve martin in The Jerk,

"i was born a poor black child."

see what i mean, when you have to explain and qualify everything it just ain't funny.

Mike said...

oh, um, i am gonna go with d cause it was that if any of them.

Agent B said...

Ahh..."Guess" denim overalls.

That's so 1987...

ahbahsean said...

Your brother terrorized you didn't he?

Tyler said...

haha, i remember rolling up the sleaves of my sweatshirts past my elbows. Why did I do that? Why even wear a sweatshirt?

g13 said...

i cannot tell a lie, ahbahsean, i beat his ass.

agent b, that pic was taken in 1991 actually. so i was either way behind the times or you're dating yourself. i'm going with the latter.

i wish my pops still had a picture of me in my chicago bulls starter jacket. those threads were sweet.

finally, on second thought, i might actually be an african-american. i'm adopted, so youneverknow.

tyler - eventually you stopped rolling up the sleeves of your sweatshirts. good for you. now it's time to stop "french rolling" your jeans.