Wednesday, February 14, 2007

mid-morning time waster: snow day edition

new england's banal banter about six inches of snow is as:

a) beauticians are to britney spears
b) hillary is to homosexual jokes
c) tulsa is to tornados
d) rush limbaugh is to unprescribed pain-killers
e) blah, blah is to gay sex
f) blah, blah is to congress


Arthur said...

g) poorly phrased analogy is to this post

seriously, a is to b as c is to d cowboy, not a is as b is to c...

am I letting my love of IQ tests show to much? If only the world were a giant SAT test...

g13 said...

"d cowboy" is a douche bag. i think he got smoked in the first hour of boys don't cry.