Monday, January 22, 2007

an overdue update

i'm sorry that i've been so derelicte in regards to this blog. as per usual, i haven't had any lack of opinions to spew, inappropriate thoughts to share or people i would like to piss off, but life has been a bit hectic as of late and i have been operating in full job-preservation mode in regards to the internet.

anyway, i thought you'd like to know that i'm receiving low wages, my office is sixty feet away from office shaking subway tracks, i think i'm going to kill the next mademoiselle who nearly sideswipes me while doing her *&$#%@! hair while navigating traffic and i love my job. i mean, really...i'm love, lovin' it.

on friday afternoon while meeting with one of my work-transition interns i realized that he looks exactly like melvin, the Jewish patriarch who practically ruled the L'arche house of which i was once a member. in that brief moment, my eyes glassed over and i almost lost it. hell, i'm almost loosing it right now as i think about my friendship with melvin, how quickly i once set aside something i loved and how utterly grateful i am to have this opportunity to empower individuals with disabilities.

yesterday i had the opportunity to mutter a monological sermon about 2 corinthians 5 and today i'm being paid to incarnate my commitment to reconciliation and empowering compassion. in the midst all i can do is say soli deo gloria and assure you that not all my edges have come off.



Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new gig.

...assuming that you choose to share more.

Anonymous said...

hey agent b,

i'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to your email. things have been hectic as of late.

i'm basically serving as an employment specialist for students with learning disabilities and/or other challenges who will be heading directly into the workforce after high school. our vocational program provides them with two weeks of assessments and eight weeks of shadowing/working opportunities in the real world. i think that it is a vital service that i am happy to provide to the greater boston community.

of course, it also scares the ^%$# out of me as well. i'm already realizing that in order to persevere in this role i am going to have to find reservoirs of optimism that i have never located before (perhaps now is the time to pick up my dad's yellowed copy of how to win friends and influence people). i am deeply committed to our clients and i feel like this is more of a ministry (i.e., sacrificial service, not proselytizing) role than i have ever had before and i realize that fulfilling a role that means something is going to require exponentially more of my mind, heart and soul.

in short, i am going to have to pimp like i have never pimped before. i hope my feather boas and platform shoes are up to it.

keep the faith, dear brother. and stay the *&^! out of my stores.

larry cannon
former lead counsel, lightway christian stores
current vocational pimp

A boy named Toadie said...

It is fun seeing you enjoying your work. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ towards a segment of our society that often gets overlooked.