Friday, January 12, 2007

it's time to break the silence

two weeks ago i was hired by a mid-size social service agency that empowers people with intellectual and physical disabilities. my role within this community based organization is two fold insofar as i am the assistant coordinator of a school to work program that seeks to help high school students find competitive employment and i am also the employment specialist who accompanies the students through the job search process once they graduate. my days are packed full of vocational assessments, client meetings, job training and employment advocacy and i must say that i love it.

looking back, i realize that i have been passionate about accompanying handicapped individuals ever since i met gabe in ms. simmons' fifth grade classroom. this passion was further developed through a court ordered volunteer position at a handicapped workshop,* a magical summer at l'arche daybreak in toronto and ongoing interactions with a diversity of individuals in the greater beverly community.

i suppose this is a long way of saying that i am content with the ways my workday is spent for the first time in almost seven years. moreover, i'm finding that instead of being a drag on my marriage, ministry with s & s and essential relationships my work is now cultivating a creativity and passion that positively influences my other endeavors.

i have so much more to say, but i get to go to work. salut.

* which was the unintended result of a fraternity prank that devolved into a near felony. but that is another story (albeit on par with the saga of "airport girl") altogether.


Anonymous said...

Aww man, that is killer.

Thanks for sharing.

Before Girl said...

That's awesome. I find there is irony in your wanting to find a job that has meaning and passion led you to find a job in helping others find the same thing.

g13 said...

there is a bit of irony in it. i also find it ironic when i'm teaching career skills sections like "using proper language in the work place" and "dressing for success."

maybe i should have taken these courses before embarking on my illustrious career at lightway.

Leanne said...

Which schools are you supporting? I did a lot with STW programs for Charlestown High at my old job, and often wonder how some of those kids made out after graduation.

Mike said...

congrats man. glad you found a job you can be happy with.

Jamye & Peter said...

Sweet news to my ears. Sounds like a good fit for you--those kids will need someone to fight for them and kick some ass on their behalf, and you're the man. In fact, maybe you could put that on your biz card:

"Kickin' Ass On Their Behalf"

g13 said...

thanks everyone. i'll definitely kick ass on my clients behalf. provided i don't get my ass kicked first.