Friday, December 15, 2006

the long-awaited return of your fired friend

over the past three weeks i have been pushing out resumes, updating ms office skills and watching far too much television. in the midst of my inertia, i haven't been writing all that much. so in an effort to update you, dear readers, on the minutiae of my life and circumvent writer's block i'm going to run a little online diary for the next four hours.

12:38 p.m.: hey there, sinners and saints. your fired friend is coming to you live from an undisclosed location in southeastern new hampshire where i am currently manning a switchboard for a well-known waste management company. i could tell you more about my current assignment, but then i'd have to kill you.

12:40: okay, okay, i relent. i can tell you that this facility administrates the distribution of nuclear waste throughout the pacific northwest and my primary job is to answer incoming calls from robotic telemarketers who call fifteen times a hour to whisper scintillating, spanish nothings in my ear and offer services that i dare not mention on this family-friendly sit. oh mama citas. if only i was single!

12:46: if you aren't watching friday night lights you should be ashamed of yourself. the show provides one of the most poignant pictures of small town life that i have ever seen. i want to write more about this show at a later date, but i will tell you this: at some point in almost every episode, i find myself on the verge of tears. i realize that the latter fact probably means little to the cry at hallmark commercials and lust for "oprah moments" set, but for me such expressions of emotion are rare. did i mention that you can watch every episode of friday night lights for free until january 3rd? there you go, you have no excuse.

1:11: in addition to hanging up on telemarketers i am beginning to suspect that my primary role at this undisclosed location is to hand out candy and willfully converse with nerds.

1:23: i'm in the midst of reading mark winegardner's the godfather's revenge and, as much as it pains me, i've got to say ehhh. i believe that winegardner is one of our finest writers (i.e., crooked river burning) and i love mario puzo and mob stories in general. however, i suspect that winegardner would be better served by creating works of his own invention rather than maintaining and expanding the storylines of others. that being said, it was a bit of a thrill to hear a mention of mikey z in another context.*

1:43: confession: i hate it when people ask me what i do for a living. i've always thought that i should be a professional and having to tell people that i work in customer service or i'm pimping by the hour just about kills me. i suppose i could tell them that i'm a bi-vocational minister, but what the hell does that mean to most people? sometimes, i don't even know what the latter term means myself.

1:46: in light of that confession i would like to thank God for his wholehearted commitment to my humility.

2:00: okay, i'm boring myself and focused on finishing this book. salut!

3:04: okay, now i'm bored with being bored, so it must be time for a list.

books i've read and enjoyed as of late: the mysteries of pittsburgh by michael chabon; fever pitch by nick hornby; friday night lights** by buzz bissinger; and how (not) to speak of God by peter rollins.

books i've cracked but could not seem to finish: the coast of akron*** by adrienne miller; no logo**** by naomi klein; and summerland by michael chabon.

currently on my lit list: a well-paid slave: curt flood's fight for free agency in professional sports by brad snyder; vera cruz blues by mark winegardner; heaven lake by john dalton; and a couple of engaging books concerning the continent of africa*****.

* to make sense of the latter comment, you'll need to read crooked river.
** so hot, want to touch the hiney!
*** my failure to finish this tome does not diminish my derivative suspicion that midwestern fiction (see crooked river burning, the mysteries of pittsburgh and the corrections for starters) is currently every bit as good as southern fiction.
**** guess i just wasn't lovin' on my liberal side that day.
***** any ideas? please share.


d10 said...

thank God for his wholehearted committment to my humility.

really quite amazingly put.

g13 said...

thanks d10. it is hard to pronounce that phrase with your tongue touching your cheek. thus, i'm glad i could type it.

thank you for taking the time to visit us last weekend. the pix and i really enjoyed the hours we spent together.

now, if cade can just get skype up and running...

Anonymous said...

Give Cade some slack...he's busy directing hot girls how to stand in a straight line. It's harder work than you think.

g13 said...

thank you for stopping by counselor. i've got a couple of responses to your comment. unfortunately none of them should be printed in this space: )