Wednesday, November 01, 2006


yesterday leadership journal posted an intriguing article entitled preaching past tivo.* if you listen to "godcasts" for fun, enjoy the writings of will willimon, doug pagitt, john ortberg and/or efrem smith or simply have waaay too much time on your hands at work take a moment to read it. i was fascinated with the concept of "a shadow mission" and intrigued by shane claiborne's idea of earthy, life-application teaching. i'd love to hear your reflections.

* i find it a little disturbing that blogger's spell checker knows the proper spelling of TiVo but does not recognize any derivative of homiletics.


Anonymous said...

have you read shane claiborne's "Irresistible Revolution?" That's pretty good. I saw Tony Campolo tonight. He's an amazing speaker. I'm not so into podcasts though.

g13 said...

i haven't read claiborne's book, but i heard him speak during lent last year at christ church in hamilton-wenham. i was really impressed with his heart and understanding of mission.

i really wanted to go hear campolo last night, but after being away for five days (i sat in the bleachers for game 4 and it was amazin') and spending three more days serving in salem, i was absolutely wiped out. so the pixie and i spent the evening lounging on the couch and watching vacation. marty moose, marty moose, marty moose...