Wednesday, September 06, 2006

so how are you doing?

somewhere between
the losing and the finding
caught in the midst of
the loosing and the binding
stumbling through the wastelands
that separate cross and crown
that’s where you’ll find me
slowly coming unwound

i’m preaching polarities
but living in a tension
using authenticity
to veil things i cannot mention
setting out from the dustbowl
towards fertile, inaccessible ground
that’s where you’ll find me
slowly coming unwound

should a son of Israel
feel so much like an infidel?
can a crippled shepherd
still guard the keep?
this ain’t no pious utterance
but a screaming from the deep

sweet Jesus hear me
rend the curtain
drop the ladder down
i’m fucking tired of this tension
and afraid of
slowly coming unwound


g13 said...

for the record, i'm actually doing ok. just trying to put words to a place i inhabit from time to time.

junkyardlove said...


And the last stanza could be my anthem right now...

james said...

sooooo well written. good work man.