Wednesday, September 27, 2006


this afternoon i quickly checked statcounter to see how many hits i've had and whether the man is watching over my shoulder. at first glance, i was blown away by the number of hits i'd received today and began to feel a little proud of my little place in the big, bad internet.

then i clicked on the came from link and found that over 45 of my hits and no less than 30 of the direct links came from google searches that utilized at least two of the following search terms: dustin, diamond, screech, saved by the bell and dirty sanchez.

i don't know whether these searches, and the fact that they led directly to my blog, teach us something about the perverse fetishes of internet users or simply raise questions about the quality of my character.

ugh. those of you sickos can find the sanchez shot you're looking for here. the rest of you can spend a little time praying for my salvation.


Mike said...

dude thanks man. that sanchez was hard to find and i was about to give up.

for about a month i was getting all these hits from people who had googled: big breasts glass eye.

wtf? man.

Agent B said...

people find my blog when they google "larry cannon lifeway"

Daddyman said...

That dirty sanchez link was really tempting, but I opted for prayer. See my halo?

Did dustin diamond ever do anything else.

As much as you plug the evangecube, I surprised that didn't weigh in!!!!!

cade said...

james said...

nice linkage to Kirk and crew there. That made me laugh out loud.

I can empathize with your experience as once i learned someone found by blog by searching out the terms "bent her over"

of course where the landed was here.