Wednesday, January 18, 2006


i've been reading stanley grenz's theology for the community of God recently and, as others have noted before me, it is fantastic. grenz could have also called this book theology of the community of god, for his teaching concerning the nature of and the interaction within the Trinity not only enables us to fathom the Triune God, but also empowers us to incarnate God's sacrificial love among and for one another. the following quote touches on a couple of things i've long suspected about God. it also challenges me to live out this kenotic or self-sacrificing life i often talk about.

"helpful in understanding the theological significance of the biblical assertion "God is love" is hegel's concept of the essence of "person." to be person, he asserted, means to be in self dedication to another. this application to the triune God follows, one which in embryonic form may date back to athanasius. the divine unity is compromised by the reciprocal self-dedication among the trinitarian members.* this corresponds to the new testament concept of agape, which may be defined as the giving of oneself for the other. consequently, the assertion that love forms the foundation of the unity in the one God opens a window on the divine reality. the unity of God is nothing less than the self-dedication of the trinitarian persons to each other. indeed, God is love - the divine essence is the love that binds together the trinity" (pg. 68-69).

let us hope and pray that reciprocal self-dedication is the type of love that binds us together as well.

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stevensm said...

.What a wonderful quote.
I managed to appreciate it even though the term “Hegelian essence" gives me post traumatic tremors in memory of the week I spent trying to define it succinctly for my thesis proposal

g13 said...

thanks for stopping by D-2. thanks again for sending my scarf up this way.

are you going to join us on saint patrick's day? we're celebrating on friday night and we need someone to authenticate our celebration.

stevensm said...

ceart go leor!
I would love to! It sounds great fun.
The weekend before I am going to Dc to see the Pogues, so it will be an altogether Irish week..
One caveat.... Will I be allowed to stand on my soap box for a moment and deliver my Ireland /colonialism/ alcoholism rant??

g13 said...

ms. stevens, where would either of us be without our respective soap boxes?

feel free to rant away.

Jackaway said...

yea dude, grenz' book was one of the best i read last year. blew my mind open to alot of new ideas (for me at least, at the time). hey by the way, you going to join the LCC reading club w/ me and Neal? im reading Raschke's Next Reformation now. just curious if you were getting in on the action. Neal had said before you might want to.

g13 said...

hey josh,

i should. email me the syllabus and the reading list if you have it. i probably won't be taking classes at S.H.I.T. this spring because my (probably) soon to be former employer won't be paying for it.

Anonymous said...

g13 said...

um, thanks anonymous. i really appreciate the suggestion. however, seeing that i'm not a pre-millenial dispensationalist and do not live in chicago, jpusa doesn't seem to be a great option for me.

that being said, my wife was deeply involved in a church that was lead by former jesus people and we both benefited greatly from her experience.