Wednesday, October 13, 2004

imitating terry gross

i'm not crazy about my job. i hate rotating featured products like a virtual bookwhore, constructing a feature page for the way of the master products and counting myself among those who make their living off the commodification of christianity.

however, from time to time i am able to interview an author i am actually interested in. these brief conversations (almost) make my job worthwhile. so, as a means of career therapy, i have provided links to a few of these interviews on the right. i intend for these links to serve as a constant reminder that, occasionally, my job is palatable. if you happen to find the interviews interesting, that's an added bonus.


jamie said...

I heart Terry Gross. She was here recently and I so wanted to go have a listen.

james said...

And hey...if it's good for a laugh or two, and will make the palatabilty not so unpleasant, please delight yourself in whoring out the CBD Coffeehouse.