Tuesday, September 07, 2004

a word of encouragement for those returning to work

"one who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys."
~Prov. 18:9


jamie said...

Sarcasm is sometimes hard to catch when written, so I'm not sure if you meant to really encourage with that, but it totally made me laugh out loud. Ok, I snorted.

g13 said...


my father always said that 'sarcasm is the response of the ignorant.' thus, it is unsurprising that i have such an affection for it.

james said...

"sarcasm is the response of the ignorant"

Interesting. Some of the more witty responses I've read from time to time, are employed with a crafted use of sarcasm. In order to use sarcasm appropriately does not one need a fair knowledge of the said topic?

miah said...

now i can finally blame my brother for making me such a slacker at work.

g13 said...

actually, come to think of it, he actually said:

sarcasm is the defense of the ignorant.

either way it leaves me willing to proclaim "I am the man!"

jamie said...

And, really, isn't that what we all want?