Monday, August 30, 2004

yet another sign that the wheels are falling off...

if i was pitching like kyle farnsworth, i'd try to injure myself as well. this has been a tough year on the north side, with more bizarre injuries and underperforming aces than you can sneeze at. hell, even wrigley field is falling apart.

i hope that the cardinals get to play the (barely) walking wounded in the playoffs. the cubbies have consistently been an easier mark than the giants and there will be nothing quite as gratifying as seeing nomah implode in october (you might love him now, but you'll hate him when the games really count...mia can't hold his hand when he's hobbling towards a ball in the hole).

1 comment:

Rick said...

beautiful. I think I may have prayed for this to happen, accidentally of course.

I cannot stand that guy. Too much Rocker in there.